Non Sequitur: Discussion Questions for Free Unqualified Life Coaching

The publisher of Free Unqualified Life Coaching (FULC), in accordance with its mission to promote thoughtful intellectual discussion about modern literature, offers discussion questions about the text for use in literary groups, prison book clubs, reading salons or remedial 7th grade English courses taught at community colleges over the summer.

Q: The stated goal of FULC is to help the readers find success, not happiness. In society, can success be defined as happiness, or does success have other meanings? Is one of those meanings owning a collector’s edition box set of The Fast and The Furious series on Blu-ray?

Q: FULC is mostly narrated by a second-person omniscient narrator. Is this narrator reliable? What about emotionally stable? Would you trust her to send in your taxes?

Q: Some common motifs found on FULC include Game of Thrones, menstruation and Instagram. How do these motifs illustrate the overall theme of the blog? What may we infer from the author’s seeming obsession with her period? When will Theon Greyjoy finally die?

Q: Sometimes, the author posts two non sequiturs in a week, instead of posting with a success tip. Is the author making a meaningful point about the uncertain nature of success? Or is the author just lazy?

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